Nominations for the 2021 Intrigue Awards are now closed, but voting will begin shortly! Everyone who nominated someone for an award will automatically be sent a ballot on February 22nd. 

If you did not nominate anyone for an Intrigue Award but would like to receive an official ballot, please submit the form below!

You will receive an official e-ballot by email on February 22nd with the TOP 5 nominees in each category to cast your final vote.


Designer to Watch:
Submit an up and coming designer who is making their mark on the wedding floral world.

Social Media Superstar:
Submit a floral industry professional who has a heart-stopping Instagram that makes you swoon.

Floral Educator Award:
Did you watch an awesome online course? Did you attend a workshop that changed your business? Is there a floral industry professional that you love learning from? Submit your favorite floral educator or workshop!

The Intrigue "Designer of the Year" Award:
Submit your favorite overall floral designer.

Floral Wholesaler Award:
Submit your favorite wholesaler, Fresh Product Supplier or even Flower Farmer.

Vase/Hardgood/Supply Award:
Submit your favorite hard goods supplier.

Flower of the Year:
Name the flower that kept you blooming through the last year!

Blossoming Beginner:
Submit the name of a new business in the floral industry that is blooming their brightest.

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Designer to Watch:

Social Media Superstar:

Floral Educator Award:

Floral Wholesaler Award:

Hardgood/Supplier Award:

The Intrigue "Designer of the Year" Award

Flower of the Year

Blossoming Beginner